And God spoke …

Hey you… Hey. Hey are you deaf ? I am right here, inside you and you cant listen to me calling out ? What have you guys become ? Deaf ? This is God ! God ! You gettit ? Ohh ! Why will you gettit ? I get it. We are switched to different frequencies. Man is gone completely out of my frequency. Oh heavens, its so noisy in here. I am in here, in him and he gets a hundred different thoughts every damn minute. Don’t be shocked that I said ‘a minute’. I know you guys live in the realm of Time. I may live in the timeless, but I know about the realm of time. After all I created it, remember ? But hey you ! What is he up to ? He hides from his wife, screws young girls and he thinks no one is watching ? You forgot about me moron! Ain’t I supposed to be in you ? How the hell do you think are you breathing ? Its my breath. I am in, so you are breathing. If I am out, you go to the grave or to the burning ghats. Whatever religion you follow. Religions!! Oh heavens ! What was the damn need to create so many religions? Are there fifty Gods ? Is it ? Nooo. One. Just one. But I guess you all had to come up with a different religion every few hundred years. Fine I sent messiahs to remind you about me. To enlighten you, so that you would have faith that there is a God watching above us. So that you could know the real meaning of this short life that I have given you. I could have given you a million years to live but I did not. Guess I was right. If man lived for a million years then he would have destroyed my sweet little planet in a fraction of his life. This beautiful planet would be up in smoke. Gone to the dogs. Ohhhh ! I cant bear the present pollution. You guys live for just a few years and yet the damage you cause to my environment is deplorable !! My poor little earth baby. But…coming back to messiahs. You did not learn anything about life from them, did you ? No, you only created different religions. And with religions came anarchy, hate and wars, that too in my name. Oh you dumb mother– what am i saying ? I have begun to speak their language. Man Man Man ! He can corrupt even a God! Do you any have f…g idea what have you done? Your hate, your wars they depress me. I feel like bringing a tsunami. I get so angry seeing you kill and fight in futility. But just a minute. Hey you !  Hey Mister ! What the hell are you doing ? She is practically your daughter’s age and you are saying you love her ? You want to marry her ? Just for a screw how many girls are you going  to lie to?  Marry her ? I can see your future you dirty old man. I know you will never divorce your wife. You are too rich to do that. She has a big fat pre-nup and she will take you to the cleaners. So you will never ever divorce her. And hey girl ! Sweetheart whats wrong with you ? Why are you listening to this man? He is a cheat. You know he is cheating on his wife right now. Why are you giving him this coy look ? Cant you see beyond money ? You come to church for heaven sake every Sunday and here you are committing a sin. And then you will go around back to the church and confess. The priest waits for your confessions by the way, because he gets tickled, excited to listen to the details, because you tell him all the lurid details of your bountiful life. And then after all the fun and the confession, you meet all your friends and say, ‘Praise the Lord’ fifty times a day. Are you doing all this thinking that no one is watching you ? You should know better ! I am watching everything. In fact you can stop calling me God, instead name me Dog!  I mean Watchdog. Hey ! I am speaking to you girl! You should be on my frequency since you take my name several times a day. Obviously you are not. I better keep mum on earth, since nobody can listen to me.

For millions of years I have only been a listener. But today the world has come to a point that I have been forced to become a Speaker. But who listens ?

( This content is copyrighted under the name of Karan Razdan. Any reproductions will require permission. E mail :

God spoke is a series. It will keep appearing in parts. There is still a lot that God will speak about. He has just got started. Keep a check this blog.)

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