And God spoke… to Trump

Trump was speaking to a journalist in the Oval office and simultaneously wondering how or why had he agreed, to do a one on one interview with this strange looking journalist ? This journalist had told his Press secretary that he was from some oil rich country and close to the sultan of the richie rich country and was going to set up a meeting between the Sultan and Trump to negotiate a Trump Tower in his country of birth. Of course business interests have to be looked after, thought Trump in his mind, and that had got this funny looking journalist his interview. But he has a funny accent, Trump thought and was asking him some tough questions, although with a silly smile on his face. Trump wanted to dominate this meeting, so he said rather commandingly, “Look i am not God. Alright”?
The Journalist had a hiccup and said, ‘Of course you are not God’.
Trump continued, ‘You see i have a brighter side, and well…some shades of grey too. After all I am human .’ The journalist retorted,            ” That you are. But they say that an American President is only next to God, he has so much power after all”.
Trump adjusted his tie rather pompously and said, ‘Well thats not true. I am here to serve the people. Yes..People have the real power’.
” You mean People and Putin”. Trump immediately reacted aggressively, “I did not mention Putin. You did”.  The journalist watched him closely and said conspiratorially ‘” But he is a good friend of yours”.  “Not at all” Trump said recoiling back in defence. The journalist persisted, ‘”I know all about it. In fact i know much more”. Trump looked at him with disdain and mockingly asked, ” Who the hell are you? Are you God ? You make such tall claims as if you are omnipresent and can be in many places at the same time and have also seen me speaking to Putin'”? “Its possible”. ‘”Oh please. Next question. Make it fast i have to rush for a briefing “.

The questioning man looked at him with a blank expression and suddenly popped a question, “Why are you dividing people”?  Trump became agitated at this direct accusation, ‘” Who said i am dividing people for heaven’s sake” ? The journalist said very calmly, ” Thats how you won your election Mr. Trump. By dividing people on the basis of race and religion. And also by spreading fear amongst your people, by telling them that there is a threat of  an imminent attack on America by some unknown group of terrorist” .

By now Trump was flustered. ” Hold it right there i say “.  The journalist fell silent. Trump gathered himself and said in a mysterious tone, ” My sources told me that America is under threat. I had to convey this message to my fellow Americans “.  The man asked equally mysteriously, ” By sources you mean your campaign advisors” ?  “Absolutely not ! My secret sources”.  The man nodded and said pointedly, ” And carrying this message to people turned out to be very beneficial for you”.  Trump threw up his hands in the air and said ‘ That is a totally coincidental. I did not know that caring for my fellow Americans was going to make me President”. ” Oh how innocent ” ! Trump said rather indignantly, ‘ Of course I am an innocent man. I may have fooled around a bit, here and there, but then boys will be boys “.  Then he came close to this strange man and said, ” But some people credit me with too much intelligence. They believe i am cunning and over-intelligent, which i am not “.  ” No one believes that”.  Trump realised  that the man has uttered something derogatory under his breath. He angrily asks, “What did you say” ?    ” Nothing. That was an aside. Like in theatre there are these asides, where the actor communicates directly with the audience “. ” So you know about theatre and stage performances also?  Vow ” .  ” Just a little bit. Actually i have my own drama company” the man said modestly.

Trump smiled at him sarcastically, ” Oh really? How many people work in this drama company of yours ” ?   ” About eight billion people”.    Trump laughs, ” You are joking”. ” No i am serious.” Trump laughs to his hearts content and then nods and says, “When you came in, you spoke about astro- physics, Neurological disorders, Cosmos and cosmic energy, etc etc. You talk authoritatively on every subject. Is there anything in this world that you dont know about ” ? ” There is not. I almost invented it all”. “What do you mean YOU invented it all ?”

The man’s smile becomes business like, ” Let me get to the basic point with you my dear Mr.  Trump “.  ” No sir. I have had enough fun doing this bizarre interview. But its gone on for a bit too long. is over. Thank you, it was nice meeting you ” .

Suddenly the strange looking man becomes serious, ” Its not over until i say it is over “.

Something about the tone of the man’s voice silences Trump. He feels as if suddenly, harsh icy winds have started to blow in to the Oval office. The man takes a step in his direction and says coldly, “Listen to what i have to say, very carefully”. Trump looks at him quizzically. The man continues in the same tone, ” Its a warning to you and all the politicians and law makers of the world. Think twice before dividing people. You may think that you have absolute power, but it is an illusion “.  Trump looks angrily at him, finding his way of speaking audacious, something he is not used to. But the man says irrespective of Trump’s reaction, ” You will think about what i have just said and what i am about to say, for a long time to come, so pay attention. Those who put fear in to my people, I am bound to take them to task. Some get Alzheimer’s. Some die unnatural deaths. It happens to many leadears. Why ? Just think.  The common men and women, those poor hard working souls, slog day in and day out, and you people tax them, take their money and divert it in to your govt coffers, use it in corrupt ways, fund your parties, buy votes to get your bills passed, while they have to beg to get minimum medical care that they richly deserve, and which the state is committed to provide to them. You dare not repeal Obamacare, anyways you dont have the numbers in the senate.  Another thing..Dont build walls, rather break them down. And i am not talking only about Mexico. I am talking about the whole world. Bring people together, thats the reason i gave you the power. And I have given abundantly to America over the years, so that you can think of humanity as a whole, not in parts. Do not become selfish.  Become a global citizen” . Then he sounds a warning tone, ” Always remember, the one who can give, can also take it back. So make sure that the ethnic groups are not persecuted in America, nor are the blacks. Read Martin Luther king. Have you seen the soul of a man? It has no colour, nor race, nor religion. A soul is a soul”. Trump looks at him transfixed, as if in deep hypnosis.  The man continues, ” Do what i have told you, walk the path that i have shown you and you will take America to greater hieghts. Or else you may dread meeting me after death”. Trump is completely mystified by this strange man now. But he is courageous enough to speak in a matter of fact manner, “Who are you” ? The man smiles, ” Did i give you my name ? Did i specify which country i belong to ? I only said i  am from an oil rich country, but that was a facade. Dont you still get it who I am” ?

Trump is now confused, but tries hard not to show it. The strange man who came posing as a journalist gives him one last look and leaves the Oval office. Trump sits in his chair, lost in thought. Time passes by, but he is still lost, thinking about what the strange man had said. There are several knocks on the door, but they dont register, so deep is the hypnotic influence of the man who had a funny accent. Then suddenly the door opens and his Press secretary comes in, ” Mr. President, we are late for the press briefing. They are waiting “.  Trump realises that someone has come in, unannounced. He looks at him and asks, ” Why did you fix this one on one interview? And that too with a strange man ? Who the hell is he after all ? What did he tell you, what country does he belong to ” ? The Press secretary looks confused. Then says, ” Mr. President i did not fix up any interview with anyone. Not in the Oval office. Who are you talking about sir” ? Trump is stumped. He starts recollecting what has been exchanged between him and the man. ” You did not fix this interview, with this strange man “? ” No sir”. “But he was here. I spoke to him at length and then he almost threatened me in the end”. ” Shall i call in the security sir’?  ” He just left. Didn’t you see him pass by your office “?   ” Mr. President no one has come in to the Oval room for the past thirty minutes. You were alone, all by yourself”.

That sends a chill down the President’s spine. He mutters something, ” So he was who he … Oh my God ” !

He slumps in his chair.

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