Quotes from my forthcoming book “The Secret Law of Blessing”

I witnessed that all my time was being devoted towards my sensory gratification. My soul was lying neglected. I realised that it would be gratified only by connecting with the universal soul. Isn’t that what meditation is all about ? I was already chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.” Following the Lotus Sutra of the Buddha. Now i started to do ‘dhyan.’ For several years doing dhyan ( meditating, witnessing ) i managed to connect to my centre. I witnessed my life on the periphery and at the centre during meditation. Even in the midst of hectic activity on the periphery, there was calm at the centre.

The waves arose only on the periphery, the surface. Deep within my ocean was silent.

This gave birth to a book. The following are a few quotes from the book, or shall i say my ‘dhyan.’

Quote 1 : “What is the scientifc understanding of the Secret Law of Blessing? Scientifcally speaking, this world is energy and we are all beings of energy, governed by laws of universe, which have been in existence since time without beginning. Some of these laws are not yet known to man. The secret Law of Blessing is one such law.”

Q2 : “We think of life as a journey. And of ourselves as travellers of this world. But the truth is we are Cosmic travellers. We have been travelling for millions of years through the cosmos.”

Q3 : “Your breathing depends on the number of thoughts that pass through your mind in a minute.”

Q4 : “Just like the atom is the basic unit of physical creation, our soul is the smallest part of the universal soul. Imagine the limitless energy that our soul must possess, limitless love and life.”

Q5 : “You cannot chase darkness out of a room. You cannot capture or conquer darkness. You need to light a lamp and the darkness disappears on its own. Similarly when our inner world is lit up, the fear of death dissipates.”

Q6 : “A curse from a pained heart is very powerful and has the power to change our lives. I call such a curse involuntary. When this happens, the Law of Blessing stops working in our lives.”

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