The mystery behind “The Secret Law of Blessing”

This book was my dream. Today its a reality.

Blessings help turn your dreams in to reality. When you are earning blessings of those around you ( even of strangers ) you are actually earning money, love and happiness and enriching your everyday life.

This is one of the secrets and manifestation of the mysterious law that this book talks about.

The book carries many such secrets and mysteries which can help you to turn your life around. Its reading can help you return to your state of childhood when there was no worry or confusion but the pure joy of living. When you felt ‘ I CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN LIFE.’ When life was full of hope and joy.

Whether you are depressed or feeling that life is hellish, ‘The Secret Law of Blessing’ will help you to get back on the path of peace, happiness and success, so that you can experience a heavenly life while living on this planet, in your body. Heaven is not something that you can only experience after death. No. It is available right here and now, this is what I tell you and help you to achieve that heavenly state.

  • A moment of bliss is all that you need to experience, to feel, and that will change your life. That moment and its memory will kickstart your journey towards a Blessed life.
  • My motive through this book is to guide you to feel that ‘One moment of bliss.’

This book is the result of a long journey that i undertook before and during the writing of this book. I had many realisations through this journey.

  • Some of these realisations have stood the test of time and stayed with me for three years or more. I felt like sharing them today because my journey to writing this book has come to an end. Read them carefully. They will help you change your life.
  • During the days i was writing the secret law of Blessing, my soul often bathed in the sunshine of love. I would be overcome with a feeling of pure bliss. In times like these i realised the immense power of love. Love empowers us limitlessly i felt, in any given situation, however grave. I realised that you can win every battle with love not with hate.
  • Love, faith and trust go hand in hand. The best way to reach God is through love, i realised. I now understood why they always said that God is love. Because when you have love in your heart, you have made your heart ‘his abode.’ And once he resides in your heart where is the question of failing ? You will realise each and every goal you have dreamt of. The only energy that can create thought in to matter is his energy.
  • I also realised that Love makes us compassionate towards other human beings. And compassion gives us the will to fight injustice. Injustice is a devilish function, perpetrated by the demonic beings on weaker souls, so by fighting it you are helping the weak and also propagating the law of God on land. If we get a geographical map designed on the basis of God and the devil, we shall see a horrifying picture. There is a lot of land that has been occupied by demonic beings, who may be few in number, but they hoist the flag of the devil in their hearts and on land and thus oppress the weak and the poor. Winning back their land and hoisting the flag of justice is the greatest service man can do to God.

  • We live in a blessed land, which a handful few are trying to convert in to a cursed one. The good have become weak and thus a few million are controlling the fate of nearly eight billion human beings on this planet.
  • Seeing such hate, apathy and injustice propelled me in to writing this book. The need of the hour is to invoke the blessings of the divine. But for that to happen, we need to invoke blessings within each other. Touch each others lives with love. We need to be kind and compassionate towards one another. Unify as a formidable force through the chain of Blessings.
  • Blessings work on individual as well as collective plane. If we are to rise as a collective force and change this land for the better, then we first need to transform ourselves. We need a human revolution within our own being. If good has to triumph over evil, then we need to awaken the goodness of the divine within ourselves. If one person is blessed with courage and fearlessness, then this person should inspire others to awaken to these qualities in themselves. All that the world needs today is the awakening of one man. History is witness that one man’s awakening resonates till this day across five continents even after two thousand five hundred years of his passing away. His name – Gautam Buddha. He pursued the path of meditation and did not give up until he was blessed by existence with enlightenment. His light still spreads throughout the world, blessing other people to awaken.
  • We can achieve individual as well as collective goals through the law of blessing, its power is boundless and limitless. We can pursue and achieve achieve material success in our lives. As well as fight for a better earth, a land where justice reigns.
  • Through the goodness of our hearts we can make it the ‘blessed earth’ that it once was. And make sure that it should remain blessed, forever.

The book is inspired by these feelings and realisations which put me in an elevated state of mind. I have never known the highs and ecstasy of drugs. But from what little i have read and heard, my state was pretty much the same. But it was a spiritual high, through meditation and chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, the buddhist chant. This blissful state was not related to any drug. ( For example when i would do the surya namaskar, the salutation to the morning sun, by pouring water as we hindus do, i would feel completely blissed out at such moments. Almost as if i was travelling in bright sunshine, having merged with it. ) So through many such experiences I felt a lot of love and compassion for the entire human race and also got the distinct feeling that there are many out there who are lost in the dark. They need the sun to shine in their lives. I should help them with as much light i possess right now. The search for more clarity and light is an ongoing process and that continues until our last breath. I am on the path which may lead to the unchanging and ultimate truth. Through this book i thought of gathering many other fellow travellers on this path.

There are a lot of secrets revealed in the book. It liberates you from worrying and tells you how to deal with stress. Puts sadness, depression and misery in life in to the right perspective. Shows a path to overcome your misery and depression.

Get a copy by clicking on the link :

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