The Secret Law of Blessing is dedicated to her.

My book “The Secret Law of Blessing” is dedicated to this lil devil. She came, she taught me to fall in love all over again and she left. She was a meat eater, but her love made me a vegetarian. There is a chapter on her in the book named, “ Pets are a Blessing.” Zara, this one is for you.

To be blessed with PETS

What do pets do? Pets bring unconditional love in your life. They are souls who share a karmic bond with you due to your previous good karma. They are incorruptible souls who come into our lives to teach us how to love unconditionally and rise above the need of banners like ‘being human’ and ‘unconditional love’. I had a dog named Zara and she taught me how to live in the moment with love and affection and never think of the future. The man has lost this innate ability to live in the present because of the cacophony in the mind. But the minds of animals haven’t evolved, they continue to innocently live in the present with complete loyalty love and compassion. Zara taught me how to cherish people that I loved; to put their needs and happiness before my own. Pets are a sheer blessing and true healers. They sometimes time their entry into your life when you are going through tough time and comfort you.

( Then there are some very interesting anecdotes of Zara. )

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