A Talk on countering Depression.

  • Depression is the new global epidemic. Many are suffering from it. Some know that they are, but most dont know what this feeling of sadness, fear and doom in them all about?

Well here are some of the symptoms of depression.

  • If you are feeling that life is burdensome, it has nothing but pain and suffering to offer, and you feel pessimistic and fearful about your future.. then admit to yourself that you are depressed.
  • If you are dwelling too much on your past, you feel that a loved one who left you took away all your life energy and this often brings tears to your eyes, then please know that you are depressed.
  • The incapability to live in the present moment creates stress. You feel scattered and cannot focus on anything for too long. Even while watching a movie in a cinema hall you start thinking about your problems and try finding solutions to them, miss the film’s narrative in bits and pieces, instead anxiety is a constant companion… in such a case be sure that you are headed towards depression.
  • Finally if you have not managed to succeed in life and feel guilty about being a failure, feel unworthy and your self esteem is low, you are acutely depressed.

  • In such a case watch this video talk.

If you feel like treating your depression, replacing your pessimism with optimism and joining the celebration of life, get a copy of ‘The Secret Law of Blessing.’

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