Sleeping, dreaming and awakening. Part -2

Whenever we say that ‘I have faith that there is God’, we should check whether its our belief or our experience.

A belief can be shaken, changed. (We change our beliefs so many times in a lifetime.)

But what is experienced cannot be shaken, changed or erased.

What has been my experience is going to stay with me for a life time. And no one can disprove it to me or tell me that i did not experience it.

I experienced it and it is always going to be a part of my memory and my being.

If I experienced the presence, the light and the fragrance of God then even i cannot change that experience if i want to.

I am sure that you are already thinking if i have experienced God ? If i have seen the light and smelt his fragrance?

Well….I have experienced that God is the only truth. Because he is the eternal, the constant.

Talking about life and the world (Sansaar ) …

Just like a dream is not the truth, on waking up you will have nothing in hand that you had attained in a dream, similarly life cannot be the truth. Death is like waking up. And everything that one accumulated in life, from weight to money n property, all is suddenly gone. So wasn’t life just like a dream ?

These two truths i have experienced.

But i will not be able to make you go through the same experience. That can only happen if you experience it yourself. All i can assure you is that there is an out of body experience when you merge with the ‘total’, the ‘whole.’ When you loose the sense of time and place. You are in eternity, even if it is for a moment.

This has happened to me.

For you it may happen this way or may happen some other way. But i can assure you that it is great journey that you can embark upon, when the need to know the unknown arises in you.

One thing is certain. That this world is based on duality ( day and night. Good and evil etc, etc. ) Similarly if there is the known, there is bound to be the unknown. In fact we all have had questions about the ‘unknown’ right from childhood. Questions about this mysterious life. About birth and death! I dont think any man has walked this earth without such questions popping up in his mind.

Of course some can pacify themselves by saying that life is devoid of any meaning, its accidental, you only live once and then get dissolved in earth. No big deal.

But think hard, is life so simple ? If it was, then everyone would be capable of predicting the future. About what is going to happen in the next few hours, days or weeks. The day of each one’s death would also be known.

But for some inexplicable reason life is not so simple. It chooses to be mysterious and a much bigger play than any mind with its finite limitations can fathom. It is a great play because it is a great illusion.

The touch, the feel of objects, the desires and ambitions that arise in us, the overpowering sense of reality that mountains or structures surrounding us create, the sea of emotions that rise and fall in us like waves, hypnotise us by this Experience named life.

A great sage said that ‘hold on to only that bit of life that death cannot take away from you.’

Because the rest is illusionary. Its like gaining something in a dream. Transitory. It wont last.

Plan your life accordingly. Look at your stress, distress and miseries carefully. Are they real ? Or do they only appear to be real ?

Contemplate on it.

Life is like a river. Can you be that straw which floats in the river ? With no destination or ambition in its mind.

In my book “ The Secret Law of Blessing” i have written a chapter named ‘Yes’. Its about saying Yes to everything in life. It makes you do every karma with total conviction and vigour. Because you are no longer obsessed with the result. You are at your best while performing that task when the task is all that matters to you and not its eventual result. Its a magical way to get great results.

The journey named life thus becomes so much more pleasurable. It becomes a-karmic and melodious like a song. A tune on a flute.

( Do you have any memory why you were born ? What was your mission ? May be we will discuss the next time on this blog.)

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