Life is bright and beautiful

I have been on a journey to the unknown for very long. Maybe for many births. ( i.e. if you believe in rebirth. Because hindus and buddhists do. And I am both. A born hindu who is practising Buddhism.)

A few months back my sister Neelam told me about practising Surya Namaskar. It is a beautiful practice. Early morning you get up and watch the sun and offer it water as a symbol of your reverence. This is an age old hindu tradition.

I being a spiritual traveller, I said to myself, ‘Why not experience this practice?’

  • I started doing the Surya namaskar. Offering water to the sun with a copper vessel. Copper is considered a symbol of abundance and must have existed in 8000-9000 BC. Yes, research shows that this tradition of worshipping the Sun God is as old as nine thousand years.

My thoughts during this practice

As I started practising the ritual I was enlightened to a few facts. The sunshine was seemingly penetrating my dark mind. A mind which has been in darkness for innumerable births, was now experiencing divine light.

• I realised that the sun is the oldest witness of this planet. The Sun was born before life began on earth.

( Obviously life could not have begun without the sun.)

• has witnessed life being born.

• First as a fish ( matsya in Sanskrit ) taking birth. And then evolving from fish to man, passing through different stages of evolution like the tortoise, boar, monkey etc.

• It has witnessed various yugas. From Satyug to Kalyug.

• It has watched the birth of Krishna and Jesus. Has anyone who is living today seen Krishna or Jesus, Buddha or the Prophet ? It is only the sun in our midst who has actually seen them. And they have felt its sunshine.

• Also Alexander, Ashoka and numerous other kings, benevolent dictators, a Hitler and a Stalin, it has witnessed the monstrosity too in humans.

• There is another amazing truth about the Sun. The Sun has seen this Earth without religion. Leave alone the religions that exist today, it has witnessed human beings without the need to practice any religion.

What ? Religion was not needed ? You may ask.

The great mystics say, ‘ When there was no ‘Adharma’ ( non- religiousness ) in this world, there was no need for dharma (religion). Religion was born only after people became irreligious. A Buddha is only born when darkness has set in to the minds of people. When darkness engulfs the earth. Then a Buddha takes birth to rid the earth and its inhabitants of their darkness.’

So yes, the Sun has witnessed humans without any temples, churches and religion, because none existed. Prayer may have existed because prayer has no connection with religion, though today we may think so. Prayer is only a form of love for existence than exists in the human heart. Even an atheist can have or feel this love. That is his or her form of prayer. So the sun witnessed the earth without temples, churches or the mosques.

Now speaking about my experience during this practice of worshiping the sun.

Every atom and molecule is born out of the same energy. Some of us call that energy, God. So I felt that the Sun is a greatest living energy form of God. We all carry the same energy, but look at our form and power and look at the sun’s. Look at our age span and look at the Sun’s. So those who say that they want to witness God, here is one in front of you. You cant miss it. One morning as I stood in front the sun, offering water from my copper vessel, I seemed to have merged with the light. I lost sense of time and space. With my eyes closed all I could hear was the chirping of birds, maybe even of those who were many miles away. I melted in to existence. I left this temporary abode of the body which stays rooted to earth and seemed to fly far far away in to the universe. The sheer boundless and never ending universe seems to have embraced me.

I lead a normal life, but this experience keeps repeating itself on many mornings.

I wonder if it is the light of the sun which has penetrated me and has brought about a sense of acceptance. Acceptance to saying ‘yes’ to whatever life is bringing in to my day to day existence.

Is it the light of the sun that has stopped the fight within me ? I was fighting with someone within me. I do not know who ? Maybe I was fighting life at most times.

I have now stopped believing that I am my name and my body. I have experienced that that I am also boundless and limitless, though I still can be petty and egoistic at times. And yet the red flowers that have blossomed on a huge green tree in the distance bring tears of joy to my eyes.

Great masters say that there is no destination to reach, the journey is everything and that can be enjoyed. So as I keep journeying in to the unknown, I am enjoying this journey.

God bless the human race. It needs the blessings because darkness seems to be spreading thick and wide in the human rays. Perhaps thats why Surya namaskar or any other tradition of worshipping the sun seems to be so important today.

Lead kindly o light.

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