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Six Take aways from The Secret Law of Blessing 



1. The book addresses the stressful life that people are leading in today’s world. 


Meditation and prayer are great stress busters. 


Prayer is the release of energy from our heart; blessing is the release of energy from the universal heart.

( Quote from the book )  


(  Blessing in practical terms is abundance of peace, love, happiness and success in our lives.)


The book encourages you to connect with the universal soulthrough prayer, meditation or chanting.( Whatever comes naturally to you.) This will help you to let go and release stress.





2. Marriages are supposed to be blessed by God because they are made in heaven. But on earth some of the marriages have become breeding grounds for curses rather than Blessings. 


The book creates awareness about the conflicts that arise inthe modern day man-woman relationship. ( In many casesboth are working to run a home.) The Secret law of Blessing suggests meditative ways of living, counsels individuals and couples so that they can  lead a  blessed, happy, peaceful and a loving life. A happy home life empowers a person to perform better at his or her work place. 



3. People often question ‘What is karma ?’ After reading about karma in this book, the reader will gain complete clarity about the karma theory. It is explained spiritually as well as scientifically.


Q :What is negative and stubborn karma ? How does it effect your life negatively in your personal and professional life ? 


A: Through the Law of Blessing this stubborn karma can be treated and your life made happier and successful.This is extensively explained in the book. 


The entire cycle of birth, life, karma and death is made abundantly clear, in layman terms, in the Secret Law of Blessing. 


4. God is and will always remain the greatest mystery for man kind. But after reading The Secret Law of Blessing the reader will feel as if he/she has touched upon the essence of God. The Universal soul. By the end of the book a realisation will dawn upon the reader that God is as much outside, as he is inside. He is as much in the clouds, the flowers and the swaying fields as he is in a temple, mosque or a church. 

(When it comes to involving yourself in group activities this truth about God and man is immensely helpful.)


5. The book is not religious, it is spiritual and scientific. Before birth, man has no religion. Nor does he after leaving his body. Religion is limited to his life in the body. And whatever the religious heads may say, there aren’t multiple Gods. God is One. Warring armies think that they are children of different Gods, but nothing can be further from truth. 


Reading the book unifies people, puts a stop to any further divisions. It proves to one and all that power of love is limitless. And hate has serious repercussions on an individual’s life. 


These ideas, theories and beliefs heal the reader and those attending a lecture or discussion based on the book. 


6. Ultimately the Secret Law of Blessing recognises the need of every individual to succeed in life. From inspiration to motivation, the book provides it all. In fact it brings about a spiritual change in an individual’s belief system, raises his/her self esteem and creates a new you, out of an old self. 


This new being will not only have the potential to turn around his/her own  life, but also the lives of those living on this planet. It is essential to be at peace with yourself, success is a byproduct of inner tranquility and a steady,unwavering mind.

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