The Mysterious Truth

The Mysterious truth

The higher calling

If you close your eyes and look at the Earth from a distance, you will see souls departing, leaving behind their bodies on this planet. Then dust goes to dust and earth to earth.

Simultaneously there are many Souls who are arriving and living in wombs, being born in little young bodies.

The source of these souls is unknown.

Nor is the destination known, of the departing Souls.

What lies between arrival and departure is Life.

The higher calling is the deep need to know, “Who we truly are ?”

We all assume that we are the name (given to us), the body (that we take on at birth.) But how permanent is this name and body? Most names and bodies do not survive for a century on this planet, where life has existed for millions of years. Who are we truly then, is the question ? For many a men this search continues throughout their lives, of course most arrive and depart believing that they are the name and the body. Who makes them believe this ? The Mind. The Mind makes us all believe that there is absolutely no reason to dig beyond our name and body. The mind firmly believes that it is the ultimate truth.

So most men and women follow the mind and believe it is the absolute truth.

Someone told me that “I don’t have too many years left to live” and I replied “Maybe you do not have too many hours to live, who knows?” None of us know how many hours, days or years we have left to live. In the next hour or so anyone amongst us can perhaps drop dead. As soon as we do, those alive put us in to the morgue, until the final ceremony of burial or cremation. But the point to note is that the moment we are put into the morgue we are referred to as the body and not by name. We become an unnamed body, which once buried or cremated gets completely lost, except in the memories of our near and dear ones.

So who are we truly ? Who am I truly ? This question goes on repeat ing itself in our beings.

If matter cannot be destroyed then obviously I cannot be destroyed, i am going to be converted into something else after death. I am going to survive.

So what do we get converted in to ? What do we survive as ?

Or to be more specific what were we before we took on a body ? Scientifically speaking we are bio- energy. What the spiritualists call a soul, the scientists call Energy.

What is this energy ?

Obviously we did not produce this energy, or else we would have known a way of holding on to it and living in a body forever, or for as long as we wanted to. But no man has ever been able to predict his or her death. This energy leaves the body of its own free will. So to conclude, this energy over which we have no control, has been produced by some other energy, for e.g. the existential energy. Which by itself must be some kind of a super energy to have produced so many small bits of energy, also referred to as the soul.

This super energy is also referred to as Super Consciousness by the spiritualists.

After leaving the body our energy must be getting attracted to the Super Consciousness. But by the time we’re on our way towards the Super Consciousness, our energy has gone through various experiences in the body and accumulated Karma. Depending on the karma the energy is now going to be either merging with the super consciousness, or returning back to a planet like Earth, where life exists, and take birth in a new body once again, to fulfil its unfulfilled desires and ambition.

So karma acts as the fuel which motivates this energy now, to go in a direction without much choice.

In fact if we realize that we are energy, the ever traveling energy, the concept of death will go out of the window. Of course in the universe there are no windows, just a vast expanse. But here as we live a life on this planet we will stop fearing death, because if we are ever traveling eternal energy then the death is only of the body and we are not the body. Nor the name, nor the mind. If the mind is put to rest, which Buddha calls a still mind, then we will soon realise that we are not what we think. Nor what we desire. Then we will be able to dive deeper within the self and get to the bottom of the eternal truth that we are basically energy or traveling Souls. Once we have discovered our true being or self, there can be no fear. Death and birth ( or rebirth, if you believe in it) are all the same. Just a part of this cosmic travel. Once realised, there is nothing more to discover, which will then lead us to the answer about who am I?

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