Love is Bliss.                                                                                            Its true. As long as love is deep, lovers dont speak too much. A look, a glance in a crowd is enough. It sends secret messages of love to each other. Holding hands, looking in to each others eyes is blissful. Love transports lovers to a different world. For them the material world fades away in the background. It is not of much use. They have found completion in each other. They have their own language of communication and it is childish but loving. They give each other pet names. Someone calls her guy booboo. He calls her Moomoo. Funny ? No. They have returned back to their childhood, when they did not know anything but love. They treasure just being with each other. Beyond this they seek no treasure. The world looks mad to their eyes. Running after money, gold and diamonds. The joy a simple smile of your lover can give you, no amount of money can buy a worldly person that. Whether in a bus, train or on a the lovers. They are so lost in each other. So totally engrossed and oblivious to the world, that you may start feeling jealous. Or if you have loved and lost, then a small blessing escapes your heart. That these lovers should always remain together. The cruel world should not part them. Because love often gives rise to hatred. The saying that ” the entire world loves a lover” is not true in totality. Look at history. Lovers have always been sorrounded by hate. Because they have never tasted anything beyond pride, greed and anger. Never love.                                                Love is the greatest blessing of the divine. The entire existence is love. Otherwise it would not survive for a nano second. It would disintegrate. Love keeps it together. The whole universe is drunk n high on love. If you have found love, do not let it go. It may never come back in your life. If you found God, would you let go ? For hundreds of years mystics have said that God is love. That is because in love is hidden.. God. Bliss.

This magnificent Life                                                                             It is a magnificent universe. When you think about it,its such a miracle to be born on this planet and watch this world and the universe. In a short life ( short in comparison to the life of the universe )we see a universe which is beginingless and perhaps endless. When you think of the enormity of this phenomenon that we are witnessing you may run out of words to describe this experience. At least, I do. And I wonder who thought of bringing life on to this planet, esp human life ? And then decided to keep life mysterious ! It feels like a mischief of a childish mind. Yet this very mystery of life is so profound at the same time. Mystics and philosophers have tried to analyse and understand the phenomenon named life. Very few amongst trillions of human beings born on the planet have managed to succeed, such is the complex nature of this profound creation. I take my hat off to the creator !